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The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand Under His Majesty’s Patronage

The History

In 1987 : The first time that tennis came to Thailand by the foreigner who came to visit Thailand. The first Thai who play was Thai students  who came back from student  in Europe.

In 1920: The Royal family Krom Muem Phittaya longkorn, Mr.R. Dikrech and Phya Suphanasombat prepared to settle up the law tennis Association.

In 1926: King Prapokklao Rama VII Found the first. Lawen Tennis Association of Thailand  at Saralom Garden .

In 1927: The First meeting was held by Krom Muam Phittaya longkorn on 14   April 1927 .There were 12 Association  joined this meeting . Amusement association , railways association  Lampang association, Silom association, Warrant association , Chiengmai Gyms  association, Songkla association, Military association and Phuket association . They conclude to  settle the lawn tennis Association  will all regulation for using since 15 April 1927 . On 15 April 1927 It was  the ouegind  day of Lawn tennis Association of Thailand .

In 1951: The Committer have resolution for Honor Secretary to design the sign by having No7 underneath the   crown to be honored king  Prapokklao(Rama VII) And it was pronounced to be the ten nis Day on 15 April or ever year.

In 1966: Thailand was the host of Asian Game V. There were the construction of Tennis national Stadium at Pratumwan  behind Suphachlasai Stadium. Using  for competition and working place for Lawn Tennis Association since then.

In 1976: The Sport Authority of Thailand Constructed 6 tennis courts and handed to Lawn Tennis Association  including the working official building as well.

In 1977 : Thailand was again  been hosting .The Asian Games VII . It got the budget to build another 2 Tennis courts and Founded it self for the stadium. There was now total 8 tennis courts.

In 1984 : There was big renovation when Thailand again hosted for the Asian Game X

In 1966:  Thailand hosted the Asian Games X III, The d to sport Authority of Thailand  built up “Rajamang kata Keethasathan  ” in the sport complex And some parts of tennis courts had to be used. For the entrance and exist so tennis had to move  play at sport complex at Muang Thong Thanni . And Lawn Tennis Association office had to move to Nitingal  Oympic court since December 1996.

In 1997: After Asian Game XIII , Bangkok Land company ltd. Handed 11 tennis courts, 1 center courts,  Swimming pool,  squash court and 10 rooms on 4th floor in next  building  near by the tennis court for Lawn Tennis Association  for holding 
the matched , practicing the youth players for the  National team. Making agreement for 5 years since  Febuary 1997 – 31 May 2002

In 2002: Lawn Tennis Association had to move to chart pattana   pitiable party, building on 3rd floor at 327 Sukkothai, dusit, Bangkok 10300 . Until march  2004. And Again it had to move because of renovation for using for senate committee bureau.

The President of Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand 

Since getting Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand, there are 16 Presidents the name as following,

1. The Royal Famaily Krom Muam Phihayalongkorn 1927-1939

2. Gen.Luang Bomyothy 1939-1941

3. Mjor Khunsrisarakorn 1941-1947

4. King’s grancson- wimwathit Rapeephat 1947-1951

5. Chun Pinthanon 1951 -1952

6. Muangroeng Wasantasing 1952-1962

7. Dr. Banjong Koralak 1962-1963

8. Gen.Krit Sriwara 1963-1975

9. Gen.Virin Beowkaimook 1975-1978

10. Gen.Vinas Sirikaya 1978-1980

11. Warin Phamsiriwong 1982-1984,1989-1991,1994-1996

12. Major Surapition and Amomvichej 1984-1988

13. Somchit Thongpradab 1991-1994

14. Gen.Saiy Kertpol 1996-1998

15. Gen.Arkradej Sasiprapha 1998-2002

16. Suvat Limpataphanlop 2000-present


Land History of Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand Under His Majesty’s Patronage.


          The rich women, khun plasook and Mss. Ngek Maneejuk. Offered this charity land on 5th September 1944 to Gen. Warin Beowkaimook, President of Lawn tennis Association. At that time, Using for tennis activites in conditions not to use for others purpose. And not giving this land to others who were not concern tennis Association  and could be exchange with the same purpose of Lawn tennis Association.  Within Muangthongthani  only.

           Ps. Proposal at 55-63 Rajadamri Rd, Bangkok on the 5th September 1982 The amount of Land should not be of served only knowing that was not connoted.   Excepted that khun Phasook and Mrs. Ngek maneejuk also offered land to phasookmaneejak  Temple and Phasookmaneejak school as well. And this land connoted to Bangkok Land also.

          On April 1983 , Mr Wain Poonsiriwong: the president of Lawn Tennis Association . at that time exchanged the land by  agreements by 3 groups , Bangkok land , Phasookmaneejak temple  and Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand . For purpose of land scape to be a aquare shape to make it much more useful by

         - Bangkok land would lost 446 square wah on Phasookmaneejak temple would gain more 230 square wah
         - Lawn tennis Association or Thailand would agin another 216 square wah

          According to this exchange no fees concerned . But since then , the proposal was not reached until major. Surapitoh Amornvichej president at that tennis  Signed the official agreement on 17th August 1986.

          Lawn Tennis Association  Also could get official landscape registration on 12th May 1990. for amount of 13 acres 29 square wah No. 77731, book no. 758 page 31, pakret,Nonthaburi , land no 1792